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A better weapon control system

* Real time transaction record
* Remote access monitoring
* Securing multiple weapons at one time
* Greater control of weapons in storage
* Time zone control
* Backup battery for power failure
* Internet / TCP / IP enable
* Integration with surveillance system & alarm system
* Emergency release / override
* Multiple operation modes
* Minimizes human error
* Multiple reports - late return, missing weapon, etc.
* Duress Alarm
* Dual authorization identification
* Portable, Back to back, Side to side, top bottom rack
* Capable to handle all kind of weapon (Based on request)


* Standard rack for 10 rifles / 20 hand guns.
* Handle up to 10,000 weapons per camp.
* Back to back or top bottom rack stacking to
  reduce racking area and maximize firearms storage.

Rack Summary

1. LED Status
LED indication to show status of release and locking weapon.

2. Override Switch and Emergency Release
For emergency purpose, use this to open all slot and it will be recorded.

3. Slot Shutter
To lock and unlock weapon for release and returning.

4. Fingerprint Reader
Verifies users' identity through the scanning of the user's finger.

5. Weapon Slot or Weapon + Drawer
To place weapon.

6. Divider with built-in RFID reader
RFID reader to detect weapon embedded chip for specific slot.

7. Accessories for Customise Multi Rifle Adjustment
Model: M16 (A1, A2, A4), HK33, MP4 & etc.

8. Software
To register user and weapon, print reporting, view online transaction with real-time, controlling and monitoring SWS cabinets.