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Lock Mechanism

Individual shutter
Mechanical stainless steel shutter to lock individual weapon

Chain & Padlock
Where all rifles are chained together and padlocked.

Recording Method

Computerize Event Record
Each Transaction will be recorded directly to PC database

Log book can be misplaced. Unclear handwritten, possibilities of being illegible and erroneous.


Computerize Firearm Audit
Comprehensive report of user Database, Schedule of Weapon Collection, Transaction of Retrieving & Collection and etc.

Manual Audit
A manual audit can cause discrepancy.

Emergency Release

Emergency Release At Rack or Software
Full weapon release by manual override or software.

Unlock Chain Or Open cabinet
In an emergency, time will be wasted in unlocking chains or opening cabinets.


Individual Fingerprint Identification
Fingerprint validation for each individual weapon personnel.

Identification Via Letter/ Schedule
Fake identities, duplicate letters and unreliable schedules.

Smart Integration

CCTV or Alarm
Able to integrate with other systems such as CCTV and Alarm System for extra security.

Normal Monitoring
Able to integrate with other systems such as CCTV and Alarm System for extra security. Increased of manpower for monitoring purpose due to lack of security.

Duress Alarm

Duresss Alarm
Duress Alarm System is integrated to protect weapon user.

No Duress Alarm
Lack of duress alarm to prevent undesired or unauthorized intruder.

Built In Sensor

Built In With RFID
Each weapon will have built-in-sensor for transaction tracking and to protect against unauthorized removal. Chemical & tampered proof.

No Sensor
Lack of security to prevent undesired or unauthorized intruders.

Defense System

Alarm Spray Integration To Delay Intruder
Alarm Spray protects the weapon storage area. Organically base substance will paralyze the intruder for a certain period.

No Integration
Lack of capability on integration with other system such as Alarm Spray / CCTV to prevent undesired or unauthorized intruders.

Weapon Collection

Time Schedule Control on Firearm Collection
Weapon can be collected on specific time schedule set for each firearm user.

Control by Armourer
No weapon usage time logging and monitoring can cause unreliable record tracking.