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Smart Weapon Storage (SWS) are manufactured and distributed exclusively by Extro Code Sdn Bhd, a global provider of fully modular high density weapon storage systems to military and government agencies for overseas market. As a system developer, all software packages are designed and developed in-house to compliment its up to date features and functionality.

Smart Weapon Storage (SWS) has the versatility to store small firearms and large weapon systems within the same system. Smart Weapon Storage combines fingerprint identification with real time transaction record for monitoring purpose to help eliminate manual recording errors compare to the conventional way.

Smart Weapon Storage (SWS) software is now available to track weapons utilizing RFID (radio frequency identification), it records all transaction and tracking of the weapon collection/return status.

Time and again, history has proven the need for a better system to manage the access and storage of mass weapons as well as provide better checking, tracking and securing weapons with better efficiency and affectiveness for the weapon user.

This created the invention and construction of the state-of-the-art Extro Code's Smart Weapon Storage (SWS). SWS offer improved access efficiency, safer weapon storage and better monitoring system compared to the conventional ways. It is the answer to a better weapon storage system.

The success of Extro Code Sdn Bhd is highly attributed to years of product research and its dedicated staff which ensures the manufacturing process, assembly and product quality assurance is well monitored.

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